LED Beauty Devices

LED Beauty Devices
If you’re thinking about buying an LED beauty device, you should first understand how it works.
LED beauty devices use light to treat skin conditions Beautyfoomall. These devices are not a substitute for the
use of prescriptions and serums. The light therapy is not a substitute for your existing skin care
regimen, but rather an add-on. Use LED light therapy on clean skin before applying your current
face care products. Always remember to cleanse your face and apply your serums and
prescriptions afterward.

The Spectralite LED beauty device was developed by Dr. Dennis Gross. It features two different
wavelengths of light and includes a USB charging port https://beautyfoomall.com/. The device fits comfortably on the face
and features adjustable straps. A similar device called Theraface offers percussive therapy to
the face and combines massage with heat and cryotherapy. The SpectraLite is a good
alternative for people who don’t want to spend money on expensive facial treatments.
The FDA-cleared SpectraLite FaceWare Pro has 162 LED lights to improve skin tone and
texture and reverse the signs of aging. It helps boost collagen production. A 10-week course of
treatments will produce optimal results. It uses red and blue LED light to penetrate deep into the
dermis and help diminish acne. Users report a reduction in redness and inflammation, as well as
improved skin tone and texture.

Contour face mask
Omnilux recently introduced a new LED beauty device – the Contour Face mask. This mask
contains both red and near-infrared LEDs to treat a range of skin concerns. The product is
backed by research and experience from the company, which has developed medical-grade
LED equipment for various uses. However, the Contour Face mask is currently backordered until
the end of April. Read on to learn more about the Contour Face mask and how it works.
This LED beauty device uses red and near-infrared light, which are known to have the most
beneficial effects on skin. It also features the trinity of LEDs, which are proven to stimulate
collagen production and improve skin tone. It’s important to note that this device is not suitable
for anyone suffering from severe skin conditions like melasma or alopecia. Always consult a
dermatologist before using this product.
MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0
The LED Mask 2.0 is a medical grade, clinically proven treatment for optimized skin
transformation. This FDA-Cleared device utilizes the same wavelengths used by professional
clinic machines to achieve optimal results. Users can see visible results after one treatment. To
ensure safety and reliability, the mask can be used by anyone regardless of skin type. A small,
portable design means it can be easily carried anywhere.
The MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged combines light therapy with two wavelengths of LED
lights, which produce medical-grade results. The mask’s patented silicone wraps allow for

maximum light transmission while minimizing discomfort. Specifically formulated for aging, acne,
hyperpigmentation, and inflammation, the light mask has been clinically proven to improve the
condition of the skin. A one-month supply of light treatment is enough to produce visible results.
MZ Skin recommends using this mask four times a week for maximum results.